10Cric Bonuses and Promotions 2022

10cric is a gambling platform for true connoisseurs. In 2022 its gift offer is extremely attractive. The gift system is represented not only by The Boss bonus but also by various weekly promotions. In this article, you can learn about 10cric bonuses. As well as for instructions on how to get them and wagering.

Best bonuses and rewards at 10cric.

10Cric Bonuses and Promotions in India

We offer a variety of bonuses for users from India. All promotions and special offers are valid for users of our official website and the 10Cric app.

Your Winning Welcome Boosts

According to this promotion, the player needs a down payment of just INR 1,000 for which he will receive an additional INR 1,500 to his account. In other words, everyone can get +150% up to 30,000 INR into their account. To get this gift you have to enter promo code WELCOME. 

The wagering is as follows: 

  1. Wagering must be within 90 after receiving The Boss present. 
  2. The sum of the down payment and gift must be 12 times less than the total winnings. Bets must be placed on events with odds higher than 1.6. The exclusion is any type of handicap, as well as bets on draws. 
  3. During the period of wagering, it is impossible to withdraw money from your account.
  4. The gift is received only once per account.

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Pro Kabaddi Jackpot

According to this promotion you simply have to bet on Kabaddi during the whole tournament until the Pro Kabaddi League final. All participants who do so will share 10,000,000 INR equally! You just need to follow these conditions and get your coveted betting jackpot: 

  1. The minimum bet is 1000 INR. 
  2. It is necessary to bet on every match of the tournament. 

Thus, we believe that this is an easy way to earn real money. There is no need to enter promo codes or wage the gift. It will be credited to your real account within 48 hours after the final. 

Get jackpot simply by doing your bets.

Double Money with Jeton

Remember we talked about the bitcoin down payment gift? Meet the joint promotion of 10cric and Jeton. According to this, you can get + 100% up to 2000 INR on your down payment using the promo code. 

In order to get this money to your real account, you need to wager it. Rollover must exceed the down payment amount and the gift amount by 5 times, and bets must be made on events with odds of at least 1.6. You have to wager your gift within a week of receiving it.

Jeton allows you to double your money.

Combo Club Cash Gift

Great news for fans of multiple bets. Especially for you, the company has made action on combo bets! Now you can get a real multiplication of your odds. For example, you bet on an event with odds 2, 2.5, and 1.5. So, your total odds will be 7.5. Huge money!

The rules are as follows: 

  1. The minimum bet is 2500 INR. 
  2. It is necessary to bet on events with odds greater than 1.5. 
  3. To get this money on your real account you need to win them back. The rollover should exceed the sum of the down payment and gift sum 3 times, and it is necessary to make bets on events with odds of at least 1.6. The gift must be wagered within 7 days of receiving it. 

Do multiple bets for even more money.

NBA Gift Rebound

The essence of this promotion is the cashback. You have to bet on NBA 2021/2022 and get 10% of your unsuccessful predictions. Thus, a player can get up to 4,000 INR for his losses! The rules are as follows: 

  1. Bets can be placed for one week. Only then you will be credited a cashback.
  2. Wagering can be in any sport with coefficients of 1.6 and higher. 
  3. You must get your gift within 7 days after receiving it. 

Bet on basketball with pleasure at 10crit.

Ace Tennis Free Bets

Are there any tennis fans here? Because this promotion is just for you. Only now you can get free bets up to 2 000 INR on your favorite ATP or WTA tennis match. 

What’s the deal with the rules? It’s simple: 

  1. You can bet throughout the week. Monday through Sunday. And the free bet is credited to your account the following Monday. 
  2. The odds must be greater than 1.5. 
  3. The size of your free bet depends on the number of tennis bets you place during the week. If you make 7 tennis bets, you will get your 2 000 INR.
  4. To make your free bet, you need to choose a match. The match can be any league, any sport.
  5. The odds on your free bet must start at 1.8, and you must bet your entire free bet in full.

Gain more money with tennis betting.

Weekly Casino Reload

According to this promotion, a player can receive +30% up to 10,000 INR as a gift to his 1 down payment within one week. To take part in this promotion, you need to down payment of more than 2000 INR and enter the promo code. And then you need to start wagering it. How to do it: 

  1. Rollover must be 35 times the amount of your gift and down payment. 
  2. Must be wagered within 7 days of receiving the gift. 
  3. This promotion is reusable! So, you can take part in it every week.

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Slots Refund Wednesday

Everybody likes spins. And the essence of this promotion is to get a cashback on all your money spent during the week. Thus, anyone can get up to 10% cash back or 5,000 INR every week. To take part in the action you need to make bets during the period from Tuesday to Wednesday. And the wagering is done according to the standard scheme. You need to make a rollover of 35 times the amount of the gift in one week. 

By the way, the same promotion works in the Live Casino. Wagering conditions are the same. Here, the player can get +10% up to 5,000 INR. However, you need to play from Monday to Sunday.

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How to Get a 10Cric Welcome Bonus?

The usual rules of the first deposit bonus include its uniqueness. This means that one player may get it once. A great offer from the company does not make it difficult to wagering and will please all new users. And with our instructions, you can get this gift as quickly as possible: 

Make an account

You need to record to 10cric. It is extremely easy to do this right on the official website of the company. During the recording process, you should not be asked for a promo code. Therefore, you can safely proceed with the account verification.

Make account for your bets in 10cric.

First down payment

It is necessary to go to the section “Payments”. Here we open the method of payment that suits you and start filling out the form. In a special window for a promo code, it must be specified. Below we will tell you about all the gifts and promo codes for getting a gift.

First deposit is nessesary for bonuses.

Get your gift

Your gift account is receiving funds. Now you can proceed to win it back. It won’t be difficult; you just need to follow the rules and enjoy the betting process.

After registration and first deposit you can get your rewards.

What Can You Get?

According to the rules of the company, a player for his first down payment gets + 100% up to 20,000 INR into the bonus-rupees account. In addition, as part of The Boss bonus, you can get gifts on your second and third down payments. A total of 10cric will credit your account with + 350% up to INR 70,000 in 10Cric online casino and up to 30 000 INR in sports betting.

However, the company is constantly running promotions. Therefore, players are not limited to The Boss present only. Thus, anyone can get a cashback for playing certain games at the casino. Or you can get cryptocurrency just for making a down payment in bitcoins. 

And for using a promo code from the 10cric Telegram channel you may be given a free bet of up to INR 500. Betting on everyone’s favorite cricket, there’s a tournament every week with crazy prizes. In other words, there are plenty of promotions. You just need to participate in them and earn real money!

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How to Wager The Bonus?

The rules are the main source of information about any gift. Since no advertising banner will tell you how to get real money. Especially for you, we did our research and made our conclusions. And also prepared a special instruction on how to get the gift:

  • An extremely important rule. One account is one gift. Apart from the fact that a player cannot create two accounts of his own. Similarly, a player cannot get two The Boss present es. 
  • The minimum down payment for The Boss present is 1000 INR. However, this coincides with the minimum down payment of the company in most payment systems. But you still need to keep an eye on it. 
  • You have 15 days to get your real money. The countdown starts from the moment you down payment your gift account. If you still have questions, it is worth contacting the support team.
  • Rollover must be 35 times the down payment and gift amount. Be sure to keep an eye on this aspect. 

10cric provide wide variations of bonus codes.

Weekly Promotions

Unique promotions from 10cric. Their number changes every day as more and more apparent. Old ones are leaving and new ones are coming! According to the rules of these promotions, you can get gifts for betting on a certain tournament or for betting on a certain sport for one week. They also need to be wagered, but each promotion has its own rules. Such a list can be found in the section “Promotions” on any resource of the company.

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Are 10cric gifts for real money?

Yes, gifts from this company turn into real money after wagering. Which you can withdraw and use.

Can a user of a mobile app get his gift?

Yes, of course. Gifts are available to all casino users.

Can I get a The Boss bonus at the casino two times?

No, because one of the main conditions is uniqueness. This means that one account or one person can get The Boss present once.


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