10Cric Rules and Regulations

During the sign-up process, by clicking the button to create your account, you agree to a certain set of rules known as the Terms and Conditions that 10Cric has. They apply to both the website and the 10Cric app, and you can find the summed-up version down below.

10cric have best regulations for your bets.

Rules for Indian Users

  1. You must be over 18 years old to play and sign up at 10Cric. If there is any suspicion about it and 10Cric thinks you are underage, they have the right to close your account;
  2. You enter and participate in placing bets at 10Cric at your own risk. The website and games are provided with no express or implied warranties of any kind;
  3. You undertake to indemnify and hold 10Cric, their directors, employees, partners, and service providers free from any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims, or liabilities arising out of your use of 10Cric or participation in the games, regardless of cause;
  4. You affirm and acknowledge that the facts provided on the online betting confirmation sent by 10Cric will appropriately advise you of your potential exposure (if you are in any doubt about this, you should contact the 10Cric Customer Support);
  5. The maximum stake is determined by the amount accepted by 10Cric at the moment of your wager;
  6. For any given month (any 30 days), the maximum withdrawal amount is 1,500,000 Indian rupees (or currency equivalent);
  7. In any 24 hours, the maximum prizes are 4,000,000 Indian rupees. To guarantee consistency around the world, the maximum prizes are listed in Euros as a base currency, although currency equivalents apply for actual payouts. When a multiple bet is placed on events with differing maximum wins limitations, the lowest limit will be applied. All maximum winnings limitations apply to all clients of 10Cric, or groups of customers, who have made bets on the same selections at various prices and with various betting accounts. If 10Cric has reason to think that numerous bets were placed in this manner, the total payout for all of those bets will be limited to a single maximum winnings payout;
  8. 10Cric retains the right to enact additional regulations, which may conflict with the rules in the sportsbook, for specific matches or events. These customized regulations may be made public alongside odds for specific locations, customers, matches, and/or events;
  9. All bets will be void if a match does not begin on the scheduled start date or begins but is later postponed and/or abandoned and is not completed (resumed) by the end of the next calendar date unless the bet is determined to be unconditional under the rules of the relevant market, in which case the bet may stand;
  10. Live video streaming, statistics, live scores, live betting, and editorial writing published on the 10Cric site are all supplemental information, and 10Cric accepts no responsibility if the information is inaccurate.


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